Results For Life ® is where people come to change. For those who are committed to achieving results and are looking for some guidance, structure and support.

Our exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching programme is a results-driven process over 90 days that can transform how you look and feel. We can help you become the best version of yourself – leaner, fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Train Better

No more wasted time in the gym or paying for a membership you never use.  Our personalised and hybrid model of Private & Small Group sessions will be like nothing you will have ever experienced before.

A unique mix of the bespoke and structured nature of one-to-one personal training with the fun, energy and camaraderie of training in a small group. We are a big believer in building a healthy body, that means starting with the basics and progressively building up, challenging your limits at each point.

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is; regardless of age, fitness level or weight. You’ll have the personal attention of our coaching team to guide you through every session as you train alongside a handful of other clients with similar goals and aspirations.

A full body-changing workout that’s enjoyable and rewarding within a highly motivating, energising and engaging environment that you’ll feel comfortable in. A community of positive, friendly and supportive people inspiring each other to do more and achieve more to be the best they can be.

Eat Better

If you’ve tried dieting a million times, now try something different. Calorie counting, eliminating food groups or any other fad diets are not sustainable. If you’re confused about what to eat and when then let us help to simplify nutrition for you.

Learn how to enjoy whole, nutritious foods in a balanced way that will help you lose body fat and feel great every single day. You’ll never have to diet again.

We’ll be with you every step of the way with daily support and accountability. Our expert team have helped hundreds of people achieve life changing results and are committed to your success.

Be Better

When you look and feel your best then the positive benefits permeate into every aspect of your life; confidence, career, self-esteem, finances, happiness, the clothes you wear, social life, relationships and energy levels. Be the best you can be with Results For Life ®.

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February 2017 Programme

Are you ready to achieve more 90 days than most do in a year? Our exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching programme is a results-driven process that can transform how you look and feel. Helping you kick-start a real change in your life to be the best you can be – leaner, fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Is the programme right for you? Let’s find out. Apply today for our February 2017 programme and we’ll contact you to arrange a free personalised strategy call with our head coach. We will discuss your individual goals and requirements in more detail and decide whether or not the programme would be suitable for you.

Due to the highly personalised nature of the programme we only have the capacity to work with a limited number of people. The number of spaces remaining for our February 2017 programme are shown below. If you’re interested in finding out more information then apply today to avoid missing out. We look forward to speaking to you.