From a newbie lifter training at home to becoming a passionate athlete chasing strength and results.

Check-out some of Alex’s feedback since joining us at the end of September.





How was life before Results For Life?

I suffered from quite severe social anxiety and so found it difficult to relax in most social situations as well as other aspects of life. This along with the fact I’d been the ‘skinny kid’ all my life lead me to the idea of perhaps getting a bit bigger and seeing if I could boost my confidence that way. I’d been attempting to work out at home using some free weights and a bench, getting my information from articles online and not really feeling motivated enough. As would seem obvious I saw very little change in my body.

What have you achieved since joining?

Since joining RFL I’ve achieved a staggering amount and developed dramatically both physically and mentally. Being thrown into a scenario in which social interaction is a key component I had no choice other than to take a deep breath and get on with it which I believe is the main reason for overcoming my anxiety. On the physical side of things I feel stronger in myself and can see it in the progression of movements and weights I’m working with at the facility.

What were your concerns before joining?

My main concern was joining a gym with the build of body that I had at the time. I felt that a skinny guy trying to lift weights in a gym full of regulars would turn heads in a bad way and with my anxiety that was pretty much a non-starter for me. Of course after turning up for a preliminary chat and being greeted with smiling faces and friendly welcomes I felt instantly settled and thought that if any environment would work for me, it was this one.

How has your life changed now?

My confidence has changed an incredible amount since I first started coming to RFL. I feel so much more relaxed in social situations when beforehand even the smallest thing would seem like a problem to me. I’ve managed to get myself a job higher up in the company I work for with the interviewer commenting on how relaxed and confident I seemed. As well as that I’ve also seen changes in my body with the puppy fat disappearing and muscle growth that even friends and family have noticed. At the risk of sounding incredibly cliche it has changed my life and would recommend anyone struggling with anxiety/confident issues or even just wanting to put on some muscle and not knowing how to go about it to come down and give it a try.


What do you love about Results For Life?

The best thing about RFL has got to be the community. You can always rely on other members for support and motivation which makes a massive difference during the sessions. This also extends into the online page meaning even when you’re not at the facility there is still support available. All in all, every member helps the other and I’ve made friends here that I would not be without.

Well done dude, it’s ace getting to know you better. You’re a f**king legend. – Jack Leaning


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