How was your life before Results For Life?

Before RFL I was a member at Forest Pines gym and I thought I was pretty into my fitness, however looking back now I was very wrong! I used to go maybe once or twice a week, and really toyed around with what I did. I never particularly noticed any results (weight loss or muscle gain), even though that was my intended goal. At the time I was also unhappy with work, I felt very stuck, and I guess I had no real motivation or commitment towards anything.

What have you achieved since joining?

A healthy weight-loss, muscle gain, 3cm’s worth of ass gains(!), PB’s galore, I’m seeing definition in my body I never knew I had, and over-all I think my outlook on life is much more positive. I would of never of pictured myself doing deadlifts, sumo high-pulls, farmers walks etc. I wouldn’t have even known what they are! I can definitely say now I am motivated and committed towards looking after myself. Once you start seeing results it becomes addictive, and you realise the knock-on effects that has on your life outside the gym. I am also in a new job, had a promotion and I actually love my job.

What were your concerns before joining?

I got recommended by 2 ladies who basically sold me RFL right away! It was so positive, and sounded like there was a real ‘buzz’ about the place. I was quite intrigued and interested, so came for a week’s trial, which turned into 1 months trail, and now I’ve almost been a member for 1 year!

I remember my biggest fear about coming was that I’d be 10 times un-fitter than everyone already there, and I was terrified of using weights!

It’s funny looking back, because I honestly had nothing to worry about at all. RFL holds many members of all ages and abilities. You have to start somewhere! It’s an inspiring place in that box! No-one can describe the feeling when someone compliments you on your technique, or ability, or tells you you’re looking good, or that they can see how far you’ve come. It’s also good chatting to your role models and the coaches to get tips from them, and hear about their experience.

How has your life changed now?

I am fit, I am stronger than I have ever been before, I am confident, and I have more realistic goals in life and have a plan on how to meet them. I’ve shown commitment going to the gym 5 times a week, every week for 8/9 months now – it’s given me motivation, I’ve reached goals and set higher ones, and it’s given me benefits in all aspects of my life. I have also met some amazing people along the way, and have also linked back with some old friends from school. It’s a real community I am happy to be a part of, and won’t be leaving any time soon!

What do you love about Results For Life?

Without going over everything I have already said in the above questions… EVERYTHING! From the coaches, the members, the WOD’s, the atmosphere, the equipment, the support from Kim, to the new CrossFit language I have learnt, and even the burpees! I have created a real passion for my fitness, health and well-being. I now look after myself mentally and physically which has had a knock-on effect at work, at home, in my confidence, I can lift more than my own body weight! – It’s just amazing.