This is a post I recently shared on – It’s some of the biggest lessons and breakthroughs I’ve had this year, I hope this helps guide your future steps as much as it has helped guide my own.

1) You can’t fall in love with anyone else, until you learn to fall in love with your self.

2) Confidence isn’t something you gain externally, it’s something you grow by discovering and believing in who you are internally.

3) Travelling opens the mind, heart & soul. I spent some of the best 3 months of my life traveling to Canada, Thailand, Bali & New Zealand at the beginning of this year, I also got to meet some amazing humans whilst masterminding out in San Diego – Get those feet moving, there’s a big world out there waiting for you.

4) Within every experience good and bad there’s an opportunity to learn. See the lessons for what they are.

5) Happiness isn’t constant. Life deals shit cards, the more we find happiness from within, the better we learn to laugh at the rainy days we are given. – I remember asking a young healer in Bali, how do we maintain happiness.. She smiled and said we can not. Emotions flow… Just embrace what is.

6) Business is Business. No matter what, if you’re building a business around a hobby or passion, it’s still a business – Know the numbers, learn the rules of the game if you want to win (eventually)…

7) You won’t always win.. In fact you’ll mess up and lose a lot. It’s the losing that more often than not teaches us the biggest lessons.

8) If something or someone annoys you, there’s probably a lesson to be learnt in that…

9) Don’t be quick to judge… Learn to understand others, learn to care, learn to listen.

10) Connect. The more connected you are with others, the more fulfilled and happy you’ll feel. Show your parents, family, friends how much you care.

11) Be present. Put down the phone and talk, listen, concentrate and give your time and attention to the person sat/stood in front of you.

12) Learn to smile at the smallest things in life. I’ll often burst into a smile just looking at the sun cut through the clouds whilst driving. The small things are pretty amazing when you notice them.

13) Stress. This is something we control. It’s our perception of what happens to us that impacts how we react. Instead of seeing every mistake as a bad thing, laugh, smile, appreciate the lesson.

14) Focus on the solution not the problem… Yep it’s gone wrong, that happens – What do you need to focus on to fix it?

15) Love more. Especially your self. You are pretty awesome, remember that.

16) When you find your self seeking something, whether it’s happiness, love, fun.. Go make someone else happy, go show someone else that you love, care. Go make someone else’s day fun. What we put out we attract. I remember feeling lost last Christmas, going to help out for a local charity that Christmas morning filled me with more happiness, passion and purpose than any Christmas present could.

— Everything above is a lesson given out of struggle or mistakes – My year has mainly been learning to love deeper and overcome those mistakes, see the lessons in everything. —

Live. Adapt. Conquer.

Joshua Pearson