Why detoxes don’t work…

Detox… a largely undefined term. But one that we all know too well. Who hasn’t tried to detox at some point in some form?

Detoxing is a short term intervention which is undertaken with the aim of removing all hazardous toxins from the body with the aim of

promoting weight loss/ increasing over all health. Detoxing originates from a clinical back ground; where patients would embark upon a detox programme (as advised by practitioners) to cleanse the body from addiction such as drugs and alcohol.

Its human nature to want to be the fittest, healthiest and strongest of the bunch. Large commercial companies soon picked up on this and used it to their advantage; whats the best boost to your already healthy life style? or how else are you going to kick start that weight loss? …by a detox diet of course! which will remove any dangerous chemicals/ toxins you have came into contact with right?

WRONG. There is no clinical evidence that provides any data that detox diets/ products have any useful effects on health. If any thing these kind of diets can have detrimental effects on health such as nutritional inadequacy, severe energy restriction and further physiological side effects from over consumption of vitamins through shakes/ capsules.

Detoxing; when used responsibly; can still be beneficial to health. Detoxing from alcohol or fast food for a month isn’t a bad thing. If anything its a positive change and you will feel better for it. One of the many reasons the detox fad has become so popular; because most participants are unknowingly taking part in an ‘elimination diet’, cutting out junk food and reducing total calories, boosting its appeal!

The truth is there is no perfect cure or detox programme/ tea/ diet. The liver and gastrointestinal system do that perfectly well enough for you. Trust your body, it does everything you need it to.

At Results For Life we don’t put our clients on detox diets, But we do help them detox their lives from bad habits. Find out how, here.